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See if you know as much about ponies as Ellie and Kate.

See if you know as much about ponies as Ellie and Kate.
1) A palomino is
   a very friendly pony
   a small pony used in coalmines
   a pony with a golden coat and white mane a tail
2) Horse shoes are made from
3) A filly is
   a young female horse.
   a gadget that makes filling haynets easier.
   a horse which always eats too much.
4) A numnah is
   an ointment used to numb a pony's skin before an injection.
   a soft pad used underneath a saddle.
   a pony who doesn't learn easily (as in "He's a right numnah, he is.")
5) A snaffle is
   a type of bit.
   a pony who steals food.
   a sound made by a pony with a cold.
6) A pommel is
   a bridle decoration made from fluffy, woollen balls.
   a variety of apple grown especially for ponies to eat.
   the front of a saddle.
7) When you are riding, you put your feet in
   the stirrups
   the girth
   the saddle flaps
8) The most important food for a pony is
   grass and hay
9) A pony needs shoeing
   every six to eight weeks
   every six to eight months
   every six to eight days
10) When you are riding, you hold
   the snows
   the gales
   the reins


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