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Amy Wild - Animal Talker

cover - The Secret NecklaceHave you ever wished you could talk to animals? I have and I often imagine what they might be saying to me - a habit that's helped me create the Amy Wild - Animal Talker series. All the animals in the stories speak, but Amy is the only human who can understand what they're saying.

I'm not going to tell you why Amy has such an amazing secret power. You'll discover that when you read the books. You'll also meet the animals of Clamerkin Island who, along with Amy, are the stars of these stories.

The most important of the animals are Plato the parrot, Hilton the Cairn terrier and four cats called Willow, Einstein, Isambard and Bun. Together with Amy, they make up the Clamerkin Clan - the group that look after the Island and try to put wrong things right. Other animals turn to the Clan for help when they have problems and it's usually those problems that trigger the stories.

Written for newly confident readers, the English language editions are illustrated by Desideria Gucciardini who has brought the characters to life exactly as I imagined them.

Kimpton's entertaining Amy Wild books are proving a big hit with young readers who are enchanted by the spellbinding stories of a girl who can talk to animals. And at their heart are valuable life lessons about kindness, helping friends, honesty and understanding.

Lancashire Evening Post review of The Furry Detectives

The well constructed, simple plot makes for an exciting read and the quirky illustrations enliven the text on nearly every page.

Carousel review of The Lost Treasure


There are eight books in the series so far, and there may be more in the future. They have been translated into several different languages and is particularly popular in Japan. I love the Japanese editions, although I can't read them.

Amy Wild: The Secret Necklace

The Secret Necklace

Shortlisted for the Explore Books Award

Amy doesn't want to move away from her friends to live on Clamerkin Island. But when she arrives, her great-aunt gives her a necklace with a secret power and Amy discovers she can talk to animals when she's wearing it. Amy can't wait to make lots of new furry and feathery friends ... but will it be that simple?

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Amy Wild - The Musical Mouse

The Musical Mouse

Amy's first day at her new school is made even more exciting by the appearance of a musical mouse. The teachers don't like their squeaky visitor. Can Amy find the mouse a new home before the headmaster catches up with it?

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Amy Wild - The Mystery Cat

The Mystery Cat

A storm has hit the Island and left Amy with a problem - a playful ginger cat who's lost his home and his memory. Amy wants to look after the mystery cat, but can she track down his owners before his naughty antics get her into real trouble.

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Amy Wild - The Furry Detectives

The Furry Detectives

Amy and her animal friends turn detective when things start to go missing on the Island. They soon discover there's a feathery or furry thief at work, but can they catch the culprit before anything else is stolen?

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Amy Wild - The Great Sheep Race

The Great Sheep Race

Amy's thought of a great fund raiser for her school fair - a Great Sheep Race. But the sheep on the Island have rather woolly ideas when it comes to running. Can Amy and her animal friends get them on the right track before the big day?

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Amy Wild - The Star Struck Parrot

The Star-Struck Parrot

Amy is thrilled when she's picked to be an extra in a movie being filmed on the Island. But Plato, the star-struck parrot, dreams of being on the big screen too. Can Amy help Plato land his perfect part?

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Amy Wild - The Secret Treasure

The Lost Treasure

When an ancient ring is discovered on Clamerkin Island, everyone starts digging for lost treasure - turning the animals' lives upside down. Can Amy help them without revealing the secret of her magic necklace?

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Amy Wild - The Musical Mouse

The Vanishing Cat

Amy loves being part of the secret clan that looks after the animals on Clamerkin Island. When one of her furry friends goes missing, Amy faces her biggest mystery yet? Can she save Willow, the Siamese cat?

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A note for American readers
The Amazon links are for the English editions. In the USA, you can buy the Amy Wild books with American spellings from Usborne Books and More.


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