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Privacy Policy

I hate spammers so I am very careful with your information and only ask for the minimum necessary.

My site uses small text files called session cookies in order to work correctly. These expire shortly after you leave the site and do not track what you do subsequently. You can set your browser to not accept cookies but, if you do, you will find it difficult to use my site.

If you email me, I will do my best to reply and I may store your email on my password-protected computer for a reasonable length of time (unless you tell me not to). However, I will not add your email address to a mailing list, give it to anyone else or use it for any purpose unrelated to the original email. .

Links that take you outside my site go to third party sites over which I have no control. I only link to information that I feel you will find useful, but sites sometimes change without me realising. If you feel a link is inappropriate, please let me know so I can review it.


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