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25 February 2019

I've been busy booking a really exciting holiday for later in the year. Steve and i are going to spend a whole week in the sunshine learning natural horsemanship and western riding. I'm hoping I may come back inspired to write another horse book - maybe even the sequel to There Must Be Horses that so many people have asked for.

I've also been busy writing articles: one for Writing Magazine, and three for my website. I hope you enjoy them.

Turn off your inner teacher
Not everything we learned in school English lessons is useful for writing fiction.

Giving evidence in court
i've given evidence a couple of times so I know how scary it can be. Here are some tips that will help if ever you have to do the same.

The Dvorak keyboard - an easier way to type
The QWERTY keyboard is hard to learn and using it involves awkard stretches that can hurt your hands. I wa finding typing painful until I discovered the Dvorak keyboard that's already built into most computers.

Both my new Amy Wild books are in production now. The illustrations are amazing and I'm hoping it won't be too long before I can show you the the cover of Amy Wild and the Silly Squirrel.


25 January 2019

cover of Perfectly Pony

Christmas and New Year have come and gone and so, to my relief, have the darkest days of winter. I love seeing the days lengthen, bringing promise of spring. No more groping around in the dark to find hay nets and feed bowls at the stables.

Squirrel Mischief has become Amy Wild and the Silly Squirrel and the provisional cover is really eye-catching. The series now has a new illustrator - Sofia Cardoso - and she's brilliant at drawing animals. She's currently busy on the inside illustrations for the squirrel book, and then she'll start work on the next one which is provisionally called Quarrelling Cats.

With those two stories finished and in production, I'm ready to start work on Scenes and Sentences - the companion book to Plots and Plotting. I've also got an article to write for a magazine and I'm hoping to write lots more articles this year for this site.

But just recently, I've been playing around redesigning the cover for Perfectly Pony. I hope you like it.

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