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Perfectly Pony

cover of Perfectly PonyThis is a collection of exciting horse stories based on real events around the world. It also includes articles and fact files on a range of horsey topics.

The stories are:
Riding for the Pony Express
Lara has always dreamed of riding for the Pony Express, but, when she gets her chance, she finds that delivering the mail is a hazardous task.

The Taming of Bucephalus
A retelling of the legend of how Alexander the Great tamed his famous horse.

Dancing for their Lives
A tale set at the end of the Second World War when the white stallions of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna were in dreadful danger.

Lives depend on the bravery of two horses and their riders when a ship is wrecked on the coast of Australia

The fact sections include:
Famous Horses

Horse Sayings

The Spanish Riding School of Vienna

The Grand National

The Last Wild Horse

The Legend of Pegasus

Long Distance Rides

Why an ebook?
All the articles were previously published in Pony Puzzles and three of the four stories were previously published in Horse Stories That Really Happened. I love my Kindle so creating a Kindle ebook seemed the obvious way to make this material available again, updated where necessary. Since it first came out, I've experimented with the order of the stories a little and the current version is the one I like best.

Avaialble in ebook format only

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