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Alien Sheep

Winner of the children's category of the Rubery Book Awards 2015 under its original title - "The Green Sheep".

Alien Sheep coverAbout the story
When an alien sheep mysteriously appears in a local field, Tom offers to help. But it's not easy to hide a green sheep – especially one duplicates itself every time it goes to sleep.

Soon Tom's problems are multiplying as fast as the sheep. With more and more sheep to protect and the army closing in, can Tom help the woolly aliens escape from Earth before they are captured?

A fast moving and riotously funny story

Rubery Book Award judges


Just as good as the David Walliams books!

Amazon reviewer


I read this with my eight year-old grandson. It made him laugh out loud, and he didn't want me to stop.

Awfully Big Reviews


About writing the book
The idea for this story was triggered by an old Chinese tale about a ruler who demands enough rice to cover a chessboard - 1 grain on the first square, 2 on the second, 4 on the third and so on. The numbers grow at an amazing speed so I decided to use the same doubling issue in a totally different story.

In the process, I created a flock of characters that I love. It was such fun creating dialogue for the sheep that I almost didn't want the story to end. My personal favourite is 8? Who is yours?

Available in print and as an ebook

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