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A Special Child in the family

A special Child in the family - living with your sick or diabled child

This was my very first book. It grew out of my need for a book to help me when both my sons were diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. I needed something that would tell me it was all right to feel so bad and help me navigate the problems I already had as well as the ones I knew would come.

I couldn't find the book I needed so eventually I wrote it myself for all parents of a sick or disabled child. The diagnosis doesn't matter as the problems, worries and fears that it covers are common to everyone in that situation.

This is a book about feelings and how to cope with them, about balancing the needs of everyone in your family and about getting the best help for your child. It also tackles the two issues that are rarely talked about - death and failing to cope.

Because I am a parent writing for parents, the ideas in the book are parent-sized ones that anyone can try themselves. They come from my own experiences and from those of the many parents and professionals who helped with my research.

To make sure the book can help as many people as possible, I've published it in as many ways as I can. As a result, you can:

Read online at www.specialchild.co.uk

Download the Kindle ebook free or at low cost from Amazon

Download the ebook free from Kobo, Apple Books, Nook or other outlets

Buy the print book from Amazon or other bookshops


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