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All For A Good Cause

charity shopThis one act play is a comedy drama that takes place in a charity shop where the volunteers have to deal with personal problems, eccentric customers and the disruption caused by a major robbery nearby.

This is not a play for children so I have used my initials - D M Kimpton - instead of my usual name. It is published by Lazy Bee Scripts and you can read the whole script on their website as well as arrange to buy copies and to arrange for performance rights.

The Characters

June:    The shop manager. 35+

Grace: :   Volunteer. 55+

Sally:   Volunteer. 20+

Darlene:   Volunteer on community service. 30+

Mrs Arnold:   A customer. 60+

Mr Frobisher:   A customer. 55+

Simon Pemberton-Smythe:   A customer. 35+

The Set

The stage is divided into two sections – the shop and the work area. A door leads from the shop to the street, and a doorway leads from the work area to the backstore. A counter divides the work area from the  shop with sufficient gaps to allow easy movement between the two areas.

Optional: To give the shop an authentic feel, the director may choose to have customers come in and out at any point when the shop isn’t supposed to be empty. They can look around, examine goods and even buy things, but must not speak as they are purely there to add atmosphere. This is not essential.


Read script and buy from Lazy Bee Scripts



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