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Doctor Hoof - a play for children

horse doctorThis play is adapted from my picture book of the same name and carries the same message about getting along with people. It is designed for children to perform but can also be used for a group of adults to perform to children.

The Characters

Doctor Hoof - a horse who is a doctor

Sam Softly - a bear who is an estate agent

Basil Bray - a donkey (Betsy if femaie)

Walter Woof - a dog (Wendy if female)

Mrs Henrietta Hop - a rabbit (Henry if male)

Harry Hop - young rabbit, Henrietta's son (Holly if female)

Optional Chorus - assorted other animals but no horses.

The Plot
Doctor Hoof only treats horses. When he moves to a new town, he finds he's the ony horse around so there's no one for him to treat. Helped by the other animals, he gradually learns they are not as different from him as he thought.

There are two songs, both set to traditional, well-known tunes.

About the Adaptation
If you've read the book, you'll notice that the play has an extra character called Sam Softly. This is because the way we tell stories on stage is slightly different from the way we tell stories in books. So Sam there to provide someone for Doctor Hoof to talk to so the audience can learn what he is thinking.


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