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Presents for writers

Are you struggling to decide what to give the writer or would-be writer in your life? Here are a few ideas that might help.

A fancy notebook

All writers use notebooks, and most of the writers I know are stationary junkies.


A ream of paper is a low cost gift. Not exciting but very practical.

A good pen

All published writers need a reliable pen to sign books. Choose one with normal ink, because gel pens smudge too easily when the ink is fresh. My daughter bought me a pen in a case to make it harder to lose.

Printer ink

Ink is a major cost for writers so help is always appreciated. It's important to get exactly the right cartridge so, if you don't know the make and model of their printer, give a voucher instead.

An electric pencil sharpener

For those who like writing notes in pencil.

Something to develop the writing mood

This will depend on how your writer prefers to work.  I write to music so my son bought me a DVD of sci-fi film music to play while I wrote Spectacular Special Effects. I know other people who use scented candles to set the mood and quite a few, including me, who use a timer to keep us sitting at our desks for a set period.

Something for the desk

A pen pot
A desk tidy
A sticky note dispenser
Letter trays
One of those things you squeeze to relieve frustration. (Everyone with a computer needs one of those.)

A subscription to a writing magazine.

Writing and Writers Forum are both good choices for UK writers.
Mslexia is worth considering for female writers in the UK
Writers Digest
is useful for those in the US.

A market guide.

These are updated annually so, even if your writer has one already, they'll welcome the latest edition.
The Writers and Artists Yearbook for UK based writers
The Children's Writers and Artists Yearbook for UK writers specialising in writing for children
Writers Market for US writers

A good book about writing

Writers love books so a book about writing makes a good present. There's a huge selection available on Amazon, and you might also find some in your local bookshop if you're lucky enough to have one, Here are some suggestions in case you're stuck.

On Writing by Stephen King - so popular that it's become a classic.

Lesser known but worth reading for its insight into a writer's mind is Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapterby Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook. It's about writing the scripts for David Tennant's doctor. You don't need to be a Doctor Who fan to enjoy it, but it helps if you know a bit about the series.

And of course, there's my own Plots and Plotting: How to create stories that work.  


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