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cover of Scenes and SentencesScenes and Sentences:
How to write stories that work

While I was working on Plots and Plotting, I kept thinking of important issues about writing that didn't fit in a book about plotting. So I'm creating a follow-up about the process of bringing your story alive on paper. Amongst other things, this will cover:

  • dialogue
  • description
  • viewpoint
  • readability
  • handling tension
  • handling emotion
  • andling backstory
  • linking scenes together

If there's anything you would particularly like me to include, please let me know

If you would like to know when this book is available, send me an emailand I'll email you back when it's on sale. I won't use your email for anythig else - you are not subscribing to a mailing list.




Not yet available because I haven't finished it yet.