Amy Wild - The Clan

The Clamerkin Clan is the group of animals that looks after the island. They sort out problems and try to put wrong things right. There are seven members.

AmyAmy Wild

Amy's in the clan because she's the Talker - that's the person who currently wears the necklace of paws.


The Siamese cat who lives at the post office. She's a bit of gossip and puts her tail in the air like a bottle brush if she's upset.


The white persian cat who lives at the school. He likes to listen to lessons and is particularly fond of stories. But sometimes he has trouble sorting out fact from fiction.


The tabby cat who lives with the local mechanic. He loves machinery and often has oil stains on his fur.


The fat black cat with white paws who lives at the bakers. He loves food and is particularly fond of sardines.


Granty's cairn terrier lives with Amy at the Primrose Tea Rooms. He's bouncy, enthusiastic and hates being called 'little'.


Granty's parrot lives at the Primrose too. He spends hours in the living room watching TV so most of his knowledge comes from the programmes he sees

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