Amy Wild

Amy lives on Clamerkin Island. It's so small that it only has one town, one harbour and one school. That's the school Amy goes to.

School Facts

Head teacher: Mr Plimstone

Number of classes: 3 - infants, juniors and seniors

Amy's class: juniors

Number of children in Amy's class: 16

Amy's teacher: Mrs Damson

Amy's human best friends: Veronica Runcorn and the twins, Jade and Josie Tink.

Amy's worst enemy: Nathan Ballad

Home Facts

Amy's home: The Primrose Tea Room

Humans who live with Amy: Mum, Dad and her great-aunt, Granty.

Animals who live with Amy: Plato and Hilton.

Island Travel Facts

Ferry: takes passengers to and from the mainland, but the boat doesn't run in very strong winds.

Air ambulance: helicopter takes patients to hospital on the mainland for emergency treatment.

On the Island: most people walk or cycle. There are very few cars or vans, and they drive carefully so the roads are very safe.

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